We strongly believe pop-up shops are a great way to engage in face-to-face marketing with our consumers and potential business partners. In addition, they can be beneficial for our clients that can actually feel and try on our shoes. 

Although our business is focused manly online, we decided to partecipate to the traditional Milanese exhibition called "Flora et Decora" located at Citylife park, Milan in October as it fully represents our brand and it's a great way to meet our clients. 

Flora et Decora offers a large assortment of flowers and plants from the best Italian horticulturalists, essences, perfumes, oils, extracts, soaps, creams and clothing and accessories made with natural yarns or in an artisanal way. 

The exhibition takes place on October 14-15-16, from 10 am  to 8 pm - Citylife District, 20145 Milano. 



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