5 Days in Paros - 1 Suitcase filled with shoes and great memories

5 Days in Paros - 1 Suitcase filled with shoes and great memories

I just came back from Greece with a suitcase filled with shoes and great memories...
The main destination of our trip was Paros and Antiparos as an highlight.  Since there was no direct flight from Milan, my friends and I decided to book a 24 h layover in Mykonos. We started the vacation with an incredible sunset at Zuma. After a night partying in the island, we took the 30 min ferry and head to our final destination: Naoussa in Paros. We rented a cute AirBnB, just 5 min away from the nightlife area. That was a real game-changer. We spent every day out, tanning on the beach or exploring the island ( Parikia is a cute gem) and spent every dinner out with friends in the trendy Naoussa where you can find a variety of cosmopolitan bars to sip a seaside cocktail. 
Compared to other popular Greek islands such as Mykonos, Paros is a very affordable island to visit. Restaurants are reasonably priced and a suite at a luxury hotel can be half the price of a similar hotel in Mykonos. For example, if you are into fancy stuff, check out Cosme Hotel. We spent the day at the beach, the spa and lunched there. The service and quality-price was great! Highly recommended!  

Paros Beaches: 
- Punda Coast Beach
- Cosme Beach from Cosme Hotel 
- Monastiri Beach 
- Marcello Beach 
- Faragas Beach

Paros EAT:
- Luaz Restaurant
- Siparos seaside Restaurant
Thalami Restaurant
- Blue Oyster Restaurant
- Stilvi Restaurant 
- Kapari Restaurant 

Paros SUNSET: 
- Zazala beach bar & restaurant

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Undoubtedly, Paros is nice. But you have to visit Antiparos. This is where the magic happens. It very much reminded me of Formentera during the off season. We went to Parikia, took the 10 min ferry to Antiparos and spent the day at Soros beach where we had lunch and partied with chic old ladies from Manhattan and a group of Italians ( Yes, the island is packed with Italians and French ) .The DJ played 80's music and it brought me back memories from when I was in high school time listening to my dad's music and watching Mamma Mia!  ... oh it was just so cool and fun that I felt like Sophie in the movie ! We then enjoyed an aperitivo at Sunset bar, a little Greek gem - highly recommend! 


 Sunset Beach in Antiparos




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