TIP: CASIMIRO the new pink as f*** ice-cream brand

TIP: CASIMIRO the new pink as f*** ice-cream brand

The trendy city of Milan  is more than just fashion and design. It's also a place that takes its ice cream very, very seriously. Every corner of the city offers a gelateria and the net is full of lists of "best ice-cream place in Milano".  However, most of you probably don't know about the new hit spot of the city. 

If you end up in the Tortona district, this place deserves a visit. A tiny store where everything is extremely pink, from the wall to the freezer, a wide selection of ice creams, loud pop music and a warm welcome from  sweet young ladies  that will  make you feel like  in a bubble.  

Casimiro just opened three stores around the city and they all offer 20 flavors from Salty Pistachio to Coconut and a large selection of tiny single portion cakes that are so yummy! 

Address:  Via Andrea Solari, 48, 20144 Milano MI  - Corso Buenos Aires, 75, 20124 Milano MI - Corso Genova, 7, 20123 Milano MI 


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