What's LE ORSINE ?

An indispensable resource for a comfy, trendy and sustainable life. 


In the spring of 2019, as the blossoms of graduation beckoned, Orsola Amati embarked on an intriguing journey. Armed with ambition and fueled by creativity, she unlocked the digital realm by launching her very own Public Instagram sanctuary. A place where colors swirled, ideas flourished, and friendships deepened. As the seasons danced onward, Orsola's vision took shape. Months later, a picture emerged, capturing herself in vibrant shoes that spoke of her unique style. The response was electric - a symphony of adoration and resonance from an ever-growing audience. But it was in the crisp embrace of October 2020, as the world transformed due to Covid-19 , that Orsola's creative evolution found its climax. With a digital flourish, her e-commerce unfurled like a phoenix from the ashes, breathing life into her dreams and expanding her reach far beyond her initial circle.


We cherish timeless style while upholding the values of tradition, passion, and sustainability. We blend the rich heritage of artisanal craftsmanship with a touch of contemporary Milanese flair, creating accessories that exude joy and playfulness, all while maintaining our unwavering commitment to ethical practices.We take great pride in our materials, carefully sourcing them from companies that prioritize fair treatment of employees and maintain a sustainable supply chain. With LE ORSINE, you can adorn yourself with accessories that not only look good but also do good for the world.


We firmly believe in the art of crafting and we support Italian artisans. Our unwavering commitment to prioritizing quality ensures that our pieces endure gracefully for years to come. 


We consider Milan as our primary muse, infusing us with creativity at every turn. Here, you'll discover invaluable insights and recommendations from authentic  Milanese connoisseurs.  Our passion lies in sharing these enriching experiences with you. A mix of uncovering hidden gems, offering you those coveted bucket-list dining adventures, unique experiences, and eclectic boutiques. 


To stay updated with our latest creations and news, we invite you to connect with us on Instagram @LE_ORSINE. Join us on this colorful journey where tradition meets modernity, passion meets sustainability, and style meets optimism.