Le Orsine at Passalacqua Moltrasio

Travel: A Taste of Milan & Lake Como with a local

#TheMilaneseWay isn't just a hashtag; it's a lifestyle embraced by those born and raised in the heart of Milan. Recently, my college roommate came to visit me in Italy, marking her fourth trip to the country. This time, I wanted to show her Milan through the eyes of a local and immerse her in the authentic Milanese experience.

Day One: A Milanese Welcome

Upon her arrival at the airport, we wasted no time. I whisked her away on my trusty Vespa, and our first stop was a late lunch at Il Salumaio di Montenapoleone. There's no better way to savor the warm weather and indulge in an Italian meal than amidst the high-end fashion boutiques of Milan's famous Montenapoleone street. We leisurely strolled through boutiques, soaking in the city's fashion-forward atmosphere, and ended the day at Chiosco Mentana—a popular spot for Milanese in their twenties and thirties to see and be seen on a Friday night.

Day Two: A Day of Luxury and Adventure

On our second day, I wanted my friend to experience something truly unforgettable. We embarked on a scenic drive to Moltrasio, where we savored a luxurious lunch at Passalaqua, a boutique hotel nestled on the shores of Lake Como. Later, we met up with a group of friends, enjoyed cocktails by the pool, and headed to Villa Erba for the TeenageDream festival. The DJ spun hits from the early 2000s, and it was a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Surprisingly, September and early October turned out to be a magical time to explore the Italian lakes.




Lake Como Highlights:

  • Lunch at Mandarin Oriental
  • Coffee break at Villa D'Este
  • Visit Villa Balbianello (preferably on a weekday)
  • Dinner at Le Luci del Lago

Day Three: Embracing Milanese Fashion 

For her third day in Italy, I arranged a brunch party at a friend's house in Milan.
My friend was taken aback by the number of girls donning friulane shoes! It seemed like every girl had a pair, each matched to unique style—skirts, black jeans, boho dresses—you name it. It was a testament to how Italians love friulane and can effortlessly style them in various ways.




Day Four: A Milanese Blend of Culture and Culinary Delights

Our fourth day began with a delightful cappuccino at St. Ambroeus, followed by another one at Marchesi. My friend was unable to determine which was the superior cappuccino between the two iconic spots. We then balanced our morning with a visit to Barry's Bootcamp and a leisurely stroll through Brera. A quick snack at Jamaica fueled us for an exploration of Fondazione Prada. After a brief nap at home, we capped off the day with a charming dinner at Casafiorichiari.



Le Orsine at Fondazione Prada

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