PANAREA: the best hidden gem in Italy - Guide

A tiny island than consists of green hills, volcanic formations and stunning coastlines, Panarea is considered one of the few understated luxury spots left in Italy.
A down-to-earth place where the atmosphere still feels like the 60’s and everything seems so magical. 

 Spiaggia Zimarri is the only sand beach and the best way to enjoy  the waters is definitely by boat. You should hire a gozzo and head to Isola di Basiluzzo,  Lisca Bianca, Lisca Nera, Dattilo and Bottaro. It’s quite common to see teenagers popping loud music and chit-chat on the water.
After these excursions, Panarea’s other attractions are very easy: enjoying an aperitivo and watching the sunset at Raya until 9 o'clock and then move  to Bridge, a sushi bar that plays pop music while people can enjoy a drink or dance all night.  
 bridge   raya
Want to experience the authentic Sicilian taste?
You should definitely try granita with brioche in the morning and have the signature seafood dishes at local restaurants such as Da Pina, Hycesia and Cusiritati. Follow that up with the local sweet wine, Malvasia
da pina